Factors to Consider When Buying a Car Audio Amplifier

Amplifiers are electronic devices that pick up weak electric signals from audio system giving them horsepower in clarity and volume. So if you need to upgrade your car’s audio system then consider these tips for buying amplifiers to your car:

Categories in Amplifiers:are based on ratings of features, the design of the electronic circuit and energy efficiency of the amplifier.

  • Class A can reproduce high-frequency sound.
  • Class B are efficient and operate in low temperatures.
  • Class AB have both combinations of above.
  • Class D has an excellent way to reproduce high-frequency energy efficiently and operate under low temperature.
  • Amongst all the 4 classes, AB are in demand while class D is mainly used for low-frequency audio devices.
  • Mono and Stereo Amplifiers- A Mono can power only one speaker while Stereo is meant for both speakers. Buying 2 Mono amplifiers for two speakers is ideal than a single stereo amplifier to rule out interference and disturbance between the channels. Mono amplifiers are good to power up large speakers as they put out more wattage per speaker thus maintaining distortion between right and left speakers well.
  • Bluetooth Amplifiers have built-in Bluetooth technology and microphone that enables you to connect with other wireless devices like phones. It requires a wire connection to be established for speakers and stereo receivers.

Channels:Channels would mean a circuit required to add power to your car’s audio speakers. A single channel amplifier can power up one speaker at a time. For more speakers, many channel amplifier configurations would be needed. You can also add a subwoofer to an existing system for which one channel amplifier will suffice. Similarly, for two subwoofers or 2 coaxial speakers, you will need two channels to make them powerful this can also be clubbed to a single sub or 2 sets of coaxial speakers. To make full range speakers more powerful, add a subwoofer with four-channel amplifiers. Each of full range speakers can also run on its own channel and bridging the remaining two with the subwoofer, if not four coaxial speakers can be amplified with one channel but would additionally require a mono amplifier to power the subwoofer.

Power:It is essential to know how well can amplifier perform. Consider the number of watts as per the channel required, the higher the number of watts the more powerful. Weak power of amplifier would give distorted audio. Therefore never make any compromises on the power ratings of an amplifier and don’t hesitate to give more power to your audio speakers and always buy speakers first before you choose amplifiers. Amplifiers should be in a range of 75% to 150% root mean square (RMS) value to give more power to the car audio system.

Size, Wiring and Warranty:Buy the right fit of an amplifier with proper wiring made of oxygen-free copper (OFC) and ensure you receive a warranty on amplifier by purchasing it only from genuine, authorized dealers.