Zenec ZE-NC2010 Original look 6.5 Inch Monitor for VW & Seat 

The complete VW & Seat navigation, entertainment & communication package from Zenec offered by DVB Car Audio with it’s all in one sat nav build to relace the factory installed stereo and preserve the existing components.

Compatible with

  • VW Golf VI (Mk 6) for 08/2008
  • VW Golf V (Mk 5) from 09/2003
  • VW Touran from 03/2003
  • VW Touran from 03/2003
  • VW Jetta from 08/2005
  • VW Scirocco from 2008
  • VW EOS from 05/2006
  • VW Passat from 03/2005
  • VW Passat Caddy from 07/2004
  • VW Tiguan from 2007
  • SEAT ALTEA from 05/2004 (optional EO trim require)
  • SEAT ALTEA XL from 04/2007 (optional EO trim require)
  • SEAT LEON from 09/2005 (optional EO trim require)
  • SEAT TOLEDO from 12/2004 (optional EO trim require)

The new E>GO naviceiver generation sticks out with a truly comprehensive feature set and state of the art functionality. Therefore this web page is also detailed and comprehensive, to show you as much info about the this particular product line. We suggest that you read this web content to acquaint yourself with the ZE-NC2010, to learn about the seamless integration with your vehicle, that this unit is capable of. Please feel free to contact DVB Car Audio with any questions.


Navigation, entertainment, communication – the ZE-NC2010 naviceiver is a complex navigation and multimedia system with a large range of features. ZENEC‘s new top-of-the-line model fits together visually with all automobiles belonging to the GOLF V and GOLF VI lines – the VW Golf VI, Golf V, Tiguan, Eos, Passat, Passat CC, Jetta, Caddy, Touran, Scirocco – as well as with the SEAT models Altea, Leon and Toledo where a new OE trim bezel must be purchased separately for the install.


The white button illumination and the customized design of the front panel makes the E>GO not only perfect for the respective look of the car interior, but the E>GO is also effortlessly integrated into the existing automotive electronics. ZE-NC2010 can be installed into the original dash board of the GOLF V and GOLF VI without further modifications and without any additional adapters: simply take out the factory radio, put in the E>GO and drive off.

Even the connection of the factory-made steering wheel remote control is no problem: simply connect the E>GO to the existing plug – the functionality of the factory installed components is preserved.


Navigation, entertainment, communication – going by the motto “Everything must be”, the ZE-NC2010 will convince you through an abundance of equipment features. The built-in CD/DVD drive plays all of the current A/V formats; the new RDS tuner guarantees top-quality radio reception. The high-performance 4 x 50 watts digital output together with the integrated Dolby digital decoder provides for impressive sound quality.
The 6.5“ touchscreen display on the Zenec ZE-NC2010 is also upper class: An innovative TFT LCD panel makes first-class pictures possible – sharp, brilliant and with high-contrast. The display is equipped with a special anti-glare coating so that a clear picture presentation is ensured, even in bad lighting conditions.

ZENEC uses the finest technology even with the built-in Bluetooth system. The ZE-NC2010 is equipped with the CK5050+ Parrot BT module that makes comfortable hands-free and audio streaming (A2DP, AVRCP) possible; the Bluetooth module features updateable firmware.


The SD/SDHC card reader is easily accessible on the front of the device and makes it possible to play music, movies or display photos directly on the E>GO after the navi data on the 4 GB SDHC card is copied to the NAND flash memory. Afterwards, the card slot is free for multimedia use and can be used with SDHC cards up to 8 GB. Naturally iPod and iPhone including video playback can be used – with ZE-NC2010, videos from iPod can not only be shown, but also operated using the touchscreen. USB-port, iPod connection and A/V port (plug) are included in the Medialink box. With the help of this box, you can quickly connect and disconnect additional components.

Other signal sources and additional components such as DVB-T tuners, rear view cameras, or head rest monitors can be connected any time to the ZE-NC2010. Naturally all of the functions can be operated on the high definition monitor via touchscreen, starting with the operation of the DVD player, going on to the iPod and the integrated navigation, and all the way to the additional components

For any queries on this stereo, please contact DVB Car Audio.

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